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The tahitian dance at the heart of our culture


For years the Tahitian dance knew several changes such as the way of dancing either on the tradition. Although she met problems it did not prevent his evolution, to understand the way he dance it is necessary to understand that the dance is bound to the history of the Polynesia. Thus you can see it in “Hura Tapairu » which celebrate his 14th edition from November 22nd till December 1st or among others « Heiva ».For the great majorities of the dancers of Ori Tahiti in Polynesia, the dance is a form of collection or identity claiming.

Because it is a source of recollection of the acts of the ancestors to their people, it is a central vector of the culture of the fenua the Tahitian dance mime a story, a legend or the life of the everyday life on various styles of dance or song. They participate in the social life and remind the link between the Polynesia and its environment. Throughout this representation of the Hura typed Brook you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful show so to be able to feel all the feelings and the feelings of the tradition.


*** Base dance ***


Ori Tahiti has well a link with Heiva because first of all it made its first steps for Tiurai said « in July » a representation in front of several spectators of various cultures which it was evolved in more modern. So the dance is the key object of this event, it is an opportunity to see them and feel what they want to share through their making dress that they have the same made either through their gestures and expression. Numerous stories of ancestors are presented.


For the year 2017 of Hura Tapairu in first place we have TAMARIKI POERANI of Makau Foster on the theme of  » Vague Ruahatu « , then HEI Tahiti Of Tiara Trumpet in 2nd place and to end in 3rd place HEI TOA DAMAGED Heirani Salmon on the memory. So 38 trainings been present.


And to finish Hura Tapairu 2018 welcomes too international groups. London School Of Hula and ‘ Ori,  Manuia,  Adorned you O Te Ahura’ has and Rahiti Nui. It is what we call in Hura Tapairu Manihini who will take place on November 22nd and Hura Tapairu from 22 to 30 November. What shows that the opening to the world, thus which brings back many advantages at the international level because the Tahitian dance will be never lost seeing the « Heiva i Paris ». Thus do not miss this opportunity.



Austral Islands Fair

Austral Islands Fair

From the 22nd of October until the 4th of November. The Assembly of French Polynesia is opening its store for the 17th Edition of Austral Island Fair.  17th edition invited more than ten artisans from Raivavae, Rimatara, Rurutu, Tubuai Island.

During those 2 weeks you will have the opportunity to discover their works. Their skills and techniques which will blow your mind. Many products will be exposed, such as hats, baskets (handmade baskets made from pandanus, which is the main material used) some carved wood and of course the irresistible shell necklaces, either for a departure or for souvenirs.

Would you like to gain some Tahitian craft know-how ?

No problem. Come and join us.  Our artisans will help you to chose your product like necklaces, artificial flowers, bobby pins and belts made of pandanus.

The Best craft maker will receive a prize. For the food lovers ten-dollar Austral dishes will be on sale. Our goal is to help you have Polynesian souvenirs in your home.